How can I help you?

Counselling is a very personal and individual journey, it is built on a professional foundation of understanding, trust, warmth and support.  My role is to help you explore and reflect on your thoughts, feelings and difficulties of your experiences from a qualified perspective and in a safe and confidential environment.  The journey at times will be challenging as you unravel and gain an understanding of the impact of your experiences and relationships on your well-being and life and also the impact that you have on the lives and experiences of others. Through this process, you will gain a valuable insight of yourself and a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours which will then enable you to positively move forward with your life. 

What to expect

The first step is to arrange an initial session where we can discuss your needs and goals further, there is no charge for this session. Should you wish to continue, then the sessions are for 50 minutes once a week, however this is flexible depending on your individual needs.


£45 per 50 minute session.

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